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Quantum Energy Wellness Bed

The human body is vastly intelligent and more than capable of repairing and maintaining itself. All the body needs are the right resources.

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed (QEWB) was designed to recreate the natural resources we lack through a powerful combination of heat, sound, microcurrent, and quantum energy, assisting the body to reach total-body wellness.


In today’s bustle and busyness, we are often drained of energy. The QEWB condenses the powerful healing properties of nature to replenish and rejuvenate the human body. The QEWB simulates the effect of many days spent in a forest through only a short, 30-minute session on the bed.

Technologies Behind the QEWB

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed combines several powerful modalities, including far infrared heat, sound, and microcurrent stimulation. Together, these synergistic modalities generate a standing quantum field as well as biophotons—light particles that the body can absorb.

The QEWB merges ancient healing and quantum technology to help people reach a meditative state, increase awareness, reduce pain, lower inflammation, and produce other effects for total body wellness.

The Modalities

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Far Infrared Heat

The QEWB generates far infrared thermal heat, which can help promote blood circulation, detoxification and lymphatic cleansing, relief from discomfort and soreness, and deep relaxation.


Built-in speakers emit sound waves through the bed’s plating, amplifying the effects of the QEWB and facilitating a powerful sound healing journey.

Microcurrent Stimulation

The QEWB utilizes microcurrent stimulation, an electrotherapy that has been proven to increase circulation, promote cellular healing, and reduce discomfort and soreness.

QEWB Experiences

"It felt like I was put into a meditative state, but without any effort. Coming out of a session I felt calm and grounded with a simultaneous increase of energy that lasted for several days."

Jaymie F.

"The soundtrack with the music and the way that it made me vibrate was incredible. I felt more alive & more awake. And I suffer from nerve damage and I’m almost feeling like all of my toes on the floor right now which is a new experience for me."


"I became aware of a feeling that my body was pure light and felt light as a feather. It was like my physical body was just pure air."

Allyson M.

"I have been healing from some vertebral injuries after a car accident last year and after lying on the bed for one session I experienced a lasting increase in mobility and comfort and a noticeable decrease in pain."


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QEWB Research & Benefits for Physical Health

Relieving Pain

  • With only one treatment on the QEWB, for one hour, there was a statistically significant decrease in pain levels by 36%.

  • Against cold, QEWB is able to provide a maximum pain reduction of 46% and average reduction of 34%.

  • Daily one-hour treatments on the QEWB reduce pain levels in response to mechanical stimuli with a maximum reduction of 70% and an overall average of 55%.

  • The efficacy of the bed continues to grow for six days. Although the magnitude of pain reduction varies from day to day, all treatments produced a statistically significant decrease of pain.

(Rein & Santos 2022)


Reducing Inflammation

  • In mice treated with the QEWB, paw temperature rapidly dropped to its lowest value on day 3 with a 70% effect. These results indicate a rapid and strong effect to reduce inflammation associated with increased temperatures.

  • Oxymeter readings were taken daily for the two weeks following reperfusion. Animals treated with the QEWB found their readings dramatically decreased, reaching a peak at day 4. The data indicate a strong (70%) reduction in edema.

  • Treatment with the QEWB stimulates the first step in the biochemical sequence of events associated with healing a wound and produced nearly a 3-fold, increase in IL-1 beta levels. 

  • Other types of EM fields, which have been studied on this type of healing response, have a relatively weaker effect, usually less than a one-fold (100%).

(Rein & Santos 2022)

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QEWB for Personal Transformation

Journey With Soundlight, a Custom Soundtrack for the QEWB

The Soundlight journey was birthed from a conversation between Jason Estes, co-founder of Void Space Technologies and Elijah Ray, international recording and touring artist, vocalist, teacher and composer.


The conversation was about bridging two worlds: One of Sound, Elijah’s true love, and the world of Quantum, Jason’s first language. They set out on a mission to create one of the best sound technologies in the world.


Together, they created 12 concepts that, if mastered in sequence, could eventually bring you back into wholeness within yourself. Each concept is a key puzzle piece to assist in living a life in alignment with your highest fulfillment and potential, and each track (also known as a “Ray”) contains one of those puzzle pieces.


It is recommended to experience the Rays in sequence and stay with each one for at least 5 in-person QEWB sessions or until you’ve mastered it. Each Ray brings you closer in deep communion with yourself and all of creation. The experience is different for each individual, as each concept is perfectly placed in the sequence for you to gain full understanding and mastery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the QEWB and how does it work?

The Quantum Energy Wellness Bed combines several powerful modalities, including far infrared heat, sound, and microcurrent stimulation. Together, these synergistic modalities generate a standing quantum field as well as biophotons—light particles that the body can absorb.

Who is the QEWB for?

The QEWB was made for anyone who wishes to maintain a general state of health and wellbeing.

What does the QEWB support people with?

When combined with healthy lifestyle decisions, the QEWB can improve general wellness in relation to physical fitness, relaxation and stress management, sleep management, and more.

Will the QEWB cure a specific disease or condition?

The QEWB promotes general wellness of the body and may be supportive of your personal metabolism and physiology. Specific studies have not been conducted in a way that would support any specific medical claims.

*Disclaimer: The QEWB is recognized by the FDA as a General Wellness Device. The statements and representations in this communication are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. Please seek the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner as you embark on any changes to your health regimen.

Is the QEWB safe?

The QEWB uses safe, noninvasive, and low-risk modalities to facilitate the general improvement of human health. Users are encouraged to immediately discontinue use if they experience any discomfort while using the QEWB.

Ready to Transform your well-being?

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